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Welsh Election Study data presented on Sunday Politics Wales 09/05/2021


Wyn Jones, Richard and Larner, Jac. 2021. ‘What about Wales? Brexit and the future of the UK’ Discover Society: New Series 1 (2)

Blogs/ News Articles

11 June 2021 – ‘Mark Drakeford is really, really popular with Plaid Cymru voters’ – the surprising things the Senedd election 2021 taught us (WalesOnline)

9 June 2021 – Almost half pro-independence voters chose Labour at Senedd election (

6 June 2021 – Why has the SNP been so much more successful than Plaid Cymru? (WalesOnline)

20 May 2021 – Why do Welsh Labour keep winning in Wales? (UK in a Changing Europe)

16 May 2021 – Welsh election: Votes low compared to Westminster and Scotland (BBC)

5 May 2021 – Elections 2021: What happens in Cardiff stays in Cardiff? (Political Studies Association)

26 April 2021 – Wales election 2021: UKIP fights for 2016 voters (BBC)

01 Feb 2021- Welsh devolution: lessons for progressives (UK in a Changing Europe)

4 May 2016 – How lack of public interest has dogged Welsh devolution (BBC)

TV/ Radio/Podcasts

09/05/2021 Politics Wales, BBC (Prof Richard Wyn Jones)

07/05/2021 Wales Today Election Results, BBC (Dr Jac Larner)

08/05/2021 Etholiad 21, S4C (Prof Richard Wyn Jones)

07/05/2021 Etholiad 21, S4C (Prof Richard Wyn Jones)

23/04/2021 Walescast, BBC Wales (Dr Jac Larner)

07/04/2021 Hiraeth: Welsh and Scottish Poll-a-rama (Dr Jac Larner)


Sut y pleidleisiodd yr Alban a Chymru yn 2021 / How Scotland and Wales voted in 2021

Bevan Foundation Senedd 2021 Webinar

Bevan Foundation Webinar: Senedd 2021 – An election like no other

Cardiff University Public Seminar – What happened in Wales in the 2019 UK Election?

Eisteddfod 2019 – Beth ddigwyddod yang Nghymru yn Etholiad Cyffredinol 2019?

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