The Welsh Election Studies

The Welsh Election Study (WES) is a detailed independent study of politics and elections in Wales, funded by the Economic and Research Council. The study provides world-class data and research that provide unique insights into the political attitudes and behaviour of Welsh citizens at election time.

The WES has run in-depth surveys at every devolved election in Wales, the 1997 Welsh devolution referendum, the 2011 Welsh Devolution Referendum , and the 2019 UK General Elections.

These surveys relied heavily on earlier pre-devolution work in Wales, notably the work of Denis Balsom and Peter Madgwick on the 1979 Welsh Election Study.

The 2021 study consists of a three-wave panel survey of 4,000 eligible voters in Wales fielded online before and after the election. The panel design enables us to track campaign dynamics;  and includes a booster sample of young voters to allow for reliable inferences about subgroups within the population

Current Team

Professor Richard Wyn Jones

is Director of Cardiff University’s Wales Governance and Dean of Public Affairs. He has written extensively on contemporary Welsh politics, devolved politics in the UK and nationalism and is considered to be one of the founders of Critical Security Studies.

Richard is a regular broadcaster, commentating on Welsh politics in both Welsh and English for the BBC in Wales and across the UK,  he has presented two TV series and is a regular columnist for the Welsh language current affairs magazine Barn, he has contributed numerous comment columns to newspapers including the Western MailIrish TimesGuardian and Sunday Times, and has been extensively quoted in the international press.

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Ms Paula Surridge

is deputy director at UK in a Changing Europe and a senior lecturer in political sociology at the University of Bristol. Her research interests are role of education in social values, particularly understanding how education ‘liberalises’ and the effects of an expanding HE sector in shaping political discourse and preferences.

She is the co-author of The British General Election of 2019, and is a regular commentator on British politics in the media.

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Dr Jac Larner

is a Lecturer in Politics at Cardiff University. He is also a Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh where he works on the ESRC funded Scottish Election Study. He earned his PhD from Cardiff University in 2020. 

His primary research interests are multilevel voting, national identity, and survey design. He also has more general interests in political psychology and group conflict. 

He has previously been a research associate on the 2016-2019 Welsh and Scottish Election Studies.

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Dr Ed Gareth Poole

is a Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at Cardiff University. His research interests lie in Welsh politics, fiscal decentralisation, government responsiveness in decentralized political systems, and legislative behaviour in Senedd Cymru/ Welsh Parliament and the Scottish Parliament. He completed his PhD in Political Science at the London School of Economics.

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Professor Daniel Wincott

is the Blackwell Law and Society Chair at Cardiff University School of Law and Politics.  He directs the Economic and Social Research Council’s Governance after Brexit Research Programme and serve as Research Director of the ESRC UK in a Changing Europe initiative, which is based at King’s College, London. In these roles I direct and co-ordinate over 30 individual ESRC research projects. 

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